86. How are you managing people?

Isn’t it funny how particular words mean different things in different cultures and organisations?  Being a visionary organisation as YWAM, the word pastoring didn’t initially sit with us so well.  We are about reaching the world, denying self and completing the great commission. Where is the accomplishment in looking after people’s needs?  We DO care about people but often it’s not considered THE priority!  Another word that we don’t gravitate to is management!  We are quick Read more about 86. How are you managing people?[…]

75. Having fun yet?

Two guys walk into the company coffee corner.  One has a big smile and is laughing as he opens the door.  The other is straight faced and looking down at the ground as he orders his coffee.  Which one’s better at his job?  You will probably say you need a bit more information, right?  Well current research backs the guy who’s laughing and enjoying himself.  He is considerably more likely to be more productive, inspiring, Read more about 75. Having fun yet?[…]

59. Is your personality showing?

I recently came away from a meeting feeling quite frustrated at the lack of process included in the decision making and spoke to another leader who was complaining about the lack of implications thinking involved.  However a third  leader in attendance, came away feeling that it had been one of the best meetings to date because there was clear movement forward.  How does that happen?  When it comes to meetings, there’s either too much time Read more about 59. Is your personality showing?[…]

58. Do you eat last?

What an amazing 60th birthday celebration I have had!  The joy of meeting with our grown up kids and their spouses from around the world and receiving so many birthday wishes and affirmations from my YWAM family have been overwhelming.  I feel humbled, encouraged, blessed and privileged to have been able to serve in the mission for these 38 years with such a wonderful bunch of people.  I have been surrounded by such teachable, open Read more about 58. Do you eat last?[…]

53. Do you share leadership?

How do you share leadership? Some would say, you are either the leader or you’re not, you can’t share it! In the times when Kings ruled nations, there was no question of sharing the leadership. His word was the law and you went against it at your own peril. Today we experience a continuum of leadership styles from centralised to decentralised with varying degrees of movement towards one or the other. For instance, the government Read more about 53. Do you share leadership?[…]

22. What kind of team?

A well known acronym for team is “Together everyone achieves more”. Well not necessarily. Whether the team achieves more, depends on a lot of factors. What kind of team is it, what style of leadership is being used, what kind of task is the team working on, what skills are being called for, etc? We are in a season where team is more than a value, it’s the ‘in thing’, it’s in vogue. You not Read more about 22. What kind of team?[…]

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