May 25, 2018

What is B2B?

What’s b2b?

One to two weeks of training for  ’emerging leaders.’  The course has the same values as the 6 week Leadership Development Course but just giving a taster of some of the main content.  The course is to help launch you into leadership if you haven’t had much experience or help you to evaluate and develop as a leader if you have some years of experience.

Who should attend b2b?

It’s an intensive time set aside for anyone who wants to explore their leadership potential It’s designed for those who have a desire to grow as a leader themselves in order to equip others. Whether you are just stepping into a leadership role or have been leading a team in the city for a few years, stepping into staffing a DTS, or on staff in some other capacity, you will benefit from the course.  Come to grow, come to go!

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