May 25, 2018

LDC follow up course – going deeper – updating right now!

There is so much information coming at you in an LDC, it’s impossible to put everything into application.  So, this course provides an opportunity of reminding you of a particular aspect of the course. We are working on redeveloping this course and it will be available soon.

Here is a little more on what the course would include:

  • Reflect: I will start with a short reflection on a scripture that introduces the topic of the month.
  • Review: This introduces some of the principles of the topic of the month as a reminder. It provides you with an opportunity to take a fresh look and go over some of the material once more.
  • Re-engage: I will be giving you some questions to think about and exercises that you can do to rework from your LDC or to look at in a fresh way. For example – How have you integrated these concepts into your leadership in the last months and if not, how can you start?
  • Resource: I have selected some of my monthly leadership letters that are relevant to the topic for you to read or re-read. These will give some added content and expand on a topic a little more.
  • Soul companion: It is very useful to have someone who is close to you, who knows your strengths and weaknesses and with whom you can be transparent. These companions can be helpful in talking through your responses to the material and the applications you have made.  It also is very helpful to have someone you are accountable to and can motivate you to follow through in a greater way.  It’s useful to get someone else’s understanding of the concepts too so there can be peer learning.  Perhaps there is someone you know who went through the LDC and you can do the course together and compare notes.  At this point, I am not going to organise these relationships but would encourage you to pray about who that is for you.
  • Time investment: I don’t want to prescribe the amount of time you give to this course but to work through the material each month will take more than just a simple reading.  You will benefit from giving it a little time or lots of time.  It will take 10-15 minutes just to read and take in the material.  So, to make the most of it – by going through the exercises, reflecting on questions and interacting with others, it will take a significant amount of time.  Ideally set aside time on a specific day, rather than squeeze it in to this or that moment.
  • Format:
    • Reflect – introduction to the topic of the month.
    • Review – a reminder of some concepts and principles shared in the LDC.
    • Re-engage – some questions, exercises & applications with the material
    • Resource – take a few minutes to read and reflect.
    • Soul companion – Share what God has been saying and how you are responding?
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