May 25, 2018

b2b Curriculum

What are the key themes?

The starting point! – my passion for God, and passion to Go.
Me as a leader! – how my personality and gifting work together with others to produce dynamic team
My character as a foundation! – seeing some of the qualities necessary if I am to follow in Jesus’ footsteps
How I can help others to grow! – basics in being mentoring and discipling
My task in getting the job done! – the skills and anointing needed to develop an effective team and strategise an effective fruitful ministry

What’s involved in the training?

The b2b training will give you practical steps to develop you as a leader. There will be an interactive teaching style with many types of groups used for maximum learning. Peer groups, mentoring groups with experienced leaders, one to one help in processing and working through your own questions, times of worship, ministry and experiencing God together. Altogether it will add up to a leadership experience that will impart values as well as lots of content.

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