75. Having fun yet?

Two guys walk into the company coffee corner.  One has a big smile and is laughing as he opens the door.  The other is straight faced and looking down at the ground as he orders his coffee.  Which one’s better at his job?  You will probably say you need a bit more information, right?  Well current research backs the guy who’s laughing and enjoying himself.  He is considerably more likely to be more productive, inspiring, Read more about 75. Having fun yet?[…]

71. Enjoying a climate of trust?

I have had the privilege of involvement in some wonderful teams over the years where there has been a solid set of positive values and beliefs that were lived out.  Teams where there was the opportunity of sharing opinions and making decisions together. Teams where I was believed in and trusted and where it was safe enough to fail and know that it wouldn’t be the end of the world!  We all want to live and Read more about 71. Enjoying a climate of trust?[…]

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