How can we effectively use our time during lockdown?

When you have a forced isolation, or lockdown like we have in Spain and other nations right now, what do we do with our time?  Even when the world isn’t involved in a pandemic, we have issues of sickness, accident, hospitalisation, burn out, imprisonment, cancellation of events and suchlike, that cause us to rethink our rhythms and activities.   What do we do with free space when it comes?  Fill the space with something as soon Read more about How can we effectively use our time during lockdown?[…]

30. Had a debrief lately?

I was talking with a guy recently who shared with me that he felt a lack of passion and energy for life. He had been in some difficult family and ministry situations and had a feeling of disappointment with the way things had turned out. I asked him he had talked to anyone and he said that he had received some prayer but still felt the same way. I meet people often who have been Read more about 30. Had a debrief lately?[…]

18. What are you learning?

I find the end of the year is always a good time for me to reflect. With the weather being so beautiful here in the south of Spain, it has been a joy to sit outside in the sunshine and think back over this last year. It has definitely been a full year and so there have been many experiences to draw from. Here are some of the lessons that I have learned and am Read more about 18. What are you learning?[…]

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