How can we effectively use our time during lockdown?

When you have a forced isolation, or lockdown like we have in Spain and other nations right now, what do we do with our time?  Even when the world isn’t involved in a pandemic, we have issues of sickness, accident, hospitalisation, burn out, imprisonment, cancellation of events and suchlike, that cause us to rethink our rhythms and activities.   What do we do with free space when it comes?  Fill the space with something as soon Read more about How can we effectively use our time during lockdown?[…]

08. Do you have a Rhythm?

I often find myself tapping my foot to the music in a shop, strumming my fingers on my jeans or humming along to the song playing. I am sure you do it too. As you listen you get into the flow of the beat and find yourself moving in rhythm with the music. I am a musician myself and I can remember times when I have been playing the piano and someone is playing the Read more about 08. Do you have a Rhythm?[…]

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