How do you give your very best strawberries?

I read a short quote from our SacredSpace morning devotion a couple of weeks ago that hasn’t left me. I share it with you here: In an essay about the crushing loss of a friendship novelist Jacqueline Mitchard crafted a brilliant phrase. To describe how she had neglected other relationships during the ill-fated friendship, Mitchard wrote that she had given the ‘very best strawberries’ of her personal life only to that one particular friend. I Read more about How do you give your very best strawberries?[…]

54. How about making time to evaluate and dream for this year?

At the beginning of a new year, it’s a great opportunity of thinking about your life past, present and future and this letter is dedicated to help you in that process. Challenge: I want to start this letter by bringing a challenge to you of putting aside a morning, a short time each morning of this week or better still if you can give a whole day to think, evaluate, dream, prioritise and decide what Read more about 54. How about making time to evaluate and dream for this year?[…]

42. What are you priorities?

I was sitting in a meeting the other day hearing a number of leaders share the challenge of wearing a number of hats and having too many things to fit into their schedule. It’s probably the one thing that we can all relate to and understand. Sometimes I sit at my desk and make the mistake of looking at all the unanswered emails, reading my to do items, thinking of the people I need to Read more about 42. What are you priorities?[…]

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