54. How about making time to evaluate and dream for this year?

At the beginning of a new year, it’s a great opportunity of thinking about your life past, present and future and this letter is dedicated to help you in that process.

Challenge: I want to start this letter by bringing a challenge to you of putting aside a morning, a short time each morning of this week or better still if you can give a whole day to think, evaluate, dream, prioritise and decide what you are going to do with this coming year. You may feel it’s planned out to some extent already or perhaps at the other extreme, you are in transition and have no idea what the year holds. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, a day to lay your life before the Lord and hear him speak into what’s been, what’s coming and what you are to do now, is a day well spent.

I have attached 6 simple exercises for you to work through that will help in your reflection and planning. Rite and I just went through these exercises with our son & daughter in law a few days ago and we had some very worthwhile conversations and action steps emerged as a conclusion. So we can recommend them.

So let’s get started. Decide on when you will set aside some time and print out the set of exercises. Here is a summary of the exercises:

  1. Gratitude exercise: There are always things to thank God for in our lives and it creates a positive outlook for this coming year.
  2. Highs and Lows exercise: This gives an opportunity of learning from the events of this last season.
  3. Hats exercise: Identifying changes needed in your roles and responsibilities.
  4. Hopes and dreams exercise: Unlocking the future and gaining God’s heart for what you can do and where you can go.
  5. Priorities exercise: Deciding what your priorities are for this next season and opening up areas for growth in your life.
  6. Stress and motivation exercise: What depletes you and what energises you. Maximising your energy and passion.

Conclusion: From all of the above exercises, write down some prayerful action steps to see change actually take place this year. One of the action steps Rite and I put into our schedule for the whole of this last year was having a specific prayer focus for every day of the week. It has been such a helpful guide and enabled us to see so many answers to prayer. I would encourage you to share your action steps with your spouse or a friend to spur you on in the goals you have set.

May you have a very blessed new year.


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