38. Are you living in a culture of honour?

At the beginning of the year Rite and I were visiting our kids in Edinburgh where our daughter was working in a 5-star hotel as a waitress. As a special treat, she took all the family out for a meal in their beautiful restaurant and booked Rite & I into the best room for one night. At first, we felt guilty having all this money spent on us but then relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed it. Read more about 38. Are you living in a culture of honour?[…]

30. Had a debrief lately?

I was talking with a guy recently who shared with me that he felt a lack of passion and energy for life. He had been in some difficult family and ministry situations and had a feeling of disappointment with the way things had turned out. I asked him he had talked to anyone and he said that he had received some prayer but still felt the same way. I meet people often who have been Read more about 30. Had a debrief lately?[…]

20. Are you in control?

Some years ago when our son, Joseph was quite small, my wife, Rite, was running the Christmas programme at church. All the children had their various roles in the nativity play and Joseph was to play Joseph in the nativity. Everyone was dressed up and ready to go. Rite and Joseph were sitting with all the cast with a few minutes before the play was to begin, when Joseph leaned over to his Mum and Read more about 20. Are you in control?[…]

14. How is your community living?

Have you ever thought about time travel? Ever since the film, “Back to the future,” I have dreamed of going back in time and being a fly on the wall. If I had the chance I would love to be in the boat when Peter walked on the water, or in the crowd when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.   But perhaps most of all I’d like to travel back to the community of Acts Read more about 14. How is your community living?[…]

10. Are you self aware?

1. Strengths – we all have them: I was at a leadership meeting the other day where the team needed advice on how to move forward.  We prayed, discussed and I challenged them in several ways, with the result that we ended our time with some clear action points.  Afterwards one of the leaders encouraged me and said, “Stephe, that was so good, it pulled us together, clarified issues and helped us to know the Read more about 10. Are you self aware?[…]

04. Entertaining Angels

On a recent trip to London with the usual delays and missing passengers, the cabin crew exemplified the heart of hospitality. We received a warm welcome, there was attentive care in helping the elderly with their hand luggage and they created an environment with their open body language that communicated value to each individual. Though I purchased nothing from the drinks trolley, one of the crew members gave me a glass with ice and lemon Read more about 04. Entertaining Angels[…]

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