24. How intelligent are you?

When I grew up, eons ago, there seemed to be only one form of intelligence that was important and that was getting good marks on my reading, writing, and arithmetic! Since then, of course, our understanding of intelligence has grown. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences was shared in the first edition of his book “Frames of Mind” (1983), where he described seven distinct types of intelligence – logico-mathematical, linguistic, spatial, musical, kinesthetic, interpersonal and Read more about 24. How intelligent are you?[…]

20. Are you in control?

Some years ago when our son, Joseph was quite small, my wife, Rite, was running the Christmas programme at church. All the children had their various roles in the nativity play and Joseph was to play Joseph in the nativity. Everyone was dressed up and ready to go. Rite and Joseph were sitting with all the cast with a few minutes before the play was to begin, when Joseph leaned over to his Mum and Read more about 20. Are you in control?[…]

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