Do you want to be strategic? Here are 7 tools to help you do just that!

I have always liked strategy games. It’s been a long time since I played a game of chess though. It really amazes me that grandmasters can see 15 to 20 moves ahead if given enough time. When it comes to living our lives though, and planning our ministry, we often live by default. We let life happen to us rather than identifying our passion, establishing a focus and stepping out with initiative as we move into Read more about Do you want to be strategic? Here are 7 tools to help you do just that![…]

Are you in your element?

I have just read ‘the element’ by Ken Robinson and found it stimulating and enlightening. I have précised some of his key points in this article – here’s what the back cover of the book shares: A teenage boy goes through school, and nobody thinks he has any particular musical talent. He goes on to be one of the most famous musicians in the world. A nine-year-old girl is thought to have a learning disorder. Read more about Are you in your element?[…]

94. Where are you going?

At the end of every year, we have an evaluation time as a couple.  We look at what we have been doing, how effective it was, what fruit was produced, how fulfilling it has been and on the basis of these questions decide what needs to be changed.  A couple of years ago, we were aware that we were being spread too thin and were getting tired.  The challenge was that the ministry was being Read more about 94. Where are you going?[…]

64. Does your passion need restoring?

Passion appears to be a force that moves people beyond ordinary human activities.  Some seem to have had it all their lives, others find it grows on them.  Sometimes you have it for a while and then lose it.  One thing is for sure – you know when you have it and quite aware when you don’t. As soon as I was old enough, I received a chemistry set for my birthday.  I loved creating Read more about 64. Does your passion need restoring?[…]

41. Planning to finish well?

As we move into the last month of this year, it’s a good reminder for us to finish this year well. However this month’s topic goes beyond this month and is concerned about finishing our life well. If you are reading this letter and you are still in your 20’s or 30’s you might think – finishing, I am only just starting, this isn’t for me! Well surprise, surprise, it actually is. You can’t start Read more about 41. Planning to finish well?[…]

31. Are you a dreamer?

Did you ever get disciplined at school for daydreaming? I can remember looking out of the window of my classroom, deep in thought and being woken by the teacher’s voice. “Mayers, focus boy! Generally if you ask me what I am dreaming about or what I want in various categories, I could tell you. Why – not because I can think of things spontaneously, not because I spend my life brainstorming all the possibilities, not Read more about 31. Are you a dreamer?[…]

21. Time to meditate?

This letter is a little different from previous ones, in that it is a meditation on Easter. I would encourage you to take some time to meditate on each stage of the journey from the last supper to the cross. It’s a journey perhaps that you have taken often but during this Easter, allow God to speak and minister into your heart in a new way. The last supper: Jesus had been looking forward to Read more about 21. Time to meditate?[…]

15. What’s your passion?

During my master’s degree in leadership studies, I took one particular course on social psychology that fascinated me. I had taken industrial chemistry for my Bachelor degree through a British university and missed out totally on social science. So now in order to gain an equivalency in the U.S., I was catching up on some courses in the arts. I read and discussed all kinds of interesting topics in social psychology like; the true nature Read more about 15. What’s your passion?[…]

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