78. What’s on God’s agenda for you this year?

Do New Year’s Resolutionswork for you?  I just googled ‘new year’s resolutions’ and do you know how many results there were?  Almost 14 million.  People are interested in seeing change in their lives and they see the beginning of the new year as a great time to turn over that new leaf, to have a clean slate to write on, and to hopefully overnight be a different person! Steve Errey in his blog writes, ‘Let’s Read more about 78. What’s on God’s agenda for you this year?[…]

31. Are you a dreamer?

Did you ever get disciplined at school for daydreaming? I can remember looking out of the window of my classroom, deep in thought and being woken by the teacher’s voice. “Mayers, focus boy! Generally if you ask me what I am dreaming about or what I want in various categories, I could tell you. Why – not because I can think of things spontaneously, not because I spend my life brainstorming all the possibilities, not Read more about 31. Are you a dreamer?[…]

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