89. Charismatic or humble leader?

There have been various studies carried out to compare these two qualities of charisma and humility.  However, it’s not a question of ‘Am I this or am I that’, the issue is, ‘How do I glorify God in the best way possible with who I am?’  We are probably aware of our level of charisma: our ability to create rapport and inspire others or to use our gifts of communication and connect with our audience.  Read more about 89. Charismatic or humble leader?[…]

70. Are you listening with both ears?

A few months back we had a coaching seminar at our retreat centre and leaders were learning the art of listening and asking questions.  They found that listening is a lot harder than they thought it was.  We find it a temptation to interrupt the listening in order to share our own ideas, opinions and answers to the one speaking.  Over the years I have started to learn how to do this kind of listening.  Read more about 70. Are you listening with both ears?[…]

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