77. What leadership lessons have you learned?

You may have read John Maxwell’s book the 21 laws of leadership.  As I was reading I began to recognise some of the laws or values or lessons that I live by as a leader and things that I desire to pass on to others.  Here are 21 of them: Leadership is influence:  If you want to know what influence you have, just watch when you speak – who listens?  Watch when you share an Read more about 77. What leadership lessons have you learned?[…]

73. Are you leading a tribe?

A few years ago, according to Seth Godin, we began to enter a new era that is all about “Tribes” – he wrote a book by the same name.  I would like to share with you some of his thoughts, mixed with a few of my own.  A tribe is defined as a group of people that have something in common that they are passionate about.  Godin tells us that a tribe needs only two Read more about 73. Are you leading a tribe?[…]

63. How’s your dialogue in teaching?

The power of dialogue in educating adults: A principle is the beginning of an action. And an action that is done regularly becomes something we believe and develops into a value. It is values that we make happen. These issues are worth something to us. If teaching is just something we do that needs to be done, it will lack passion.  If teaching is just part of our role to perform, we will fall into Read more about 63. How’s your dialogue in teaching?[…]

44. Creating an environment?

This weekend we had our son & his fiancé fly down from Scotland to spend a couple of days with us, along with her father and friend. We had a fantastic two days, sharing and eating and playing together. They left with a little more colour than they came with, a little more relaxed, and having enjoyed catching up relationally. As they looked out from our terrace, there were all kinds of ooh’s and aah’s Read more about 44. Creating an environment?[…]

05. How do we learn and therefore how should we teach?

John Dewey, the American philosopher who died in 1952, objected to the idea that education was simply the transmission of past knowledge (usually facts and figures) to the present generation. He also objected to how knowledge was transmitted only through lectures and reading. It’s amazing how little we have changed in our educational approach in the last 50 plus years.   Thinking of teaching approaches, I can remember sitting in so many meetings over the Read more about 05. How do we learn and therefore how should we teach?[…]

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