Do you use your right brain enough?

I am involved in a six-week leadership development course right now in Romania which has been fun, creative and life changing. But let me backtrack for a moment and think about the month before all this began. Putting a course together with manuals for every topic you teach, working online with the staff, deciding who will be teaching what aspects of the course, finalising schedules, and gathering all the materials needed, working through all the Read more about Do you use your right brain enough?[…]

63. How’s your dialogue in teaching?

The power of dialogue in educating adults: A principle is the beginning of an action. And an action that is done regularly becomes something we believe and develops into a value. It is values that we make happen. These issues are worth something to us. If teaching is just something we do that needs to be done, it will lack passion.  If teaching is just part of our role to perform, we will fall into Read more about 63. How’s your dialogue in teaching?[…]

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