Am I successful?

Defining success proves challenging, as its meaning varies among individuals. Commonly, it is perceived as achieving goals or fulfilling potential, yet the nature of these goals differs widely. In Western traditions, success is often tied to wealth, power, and position. Ruth Haley Barton recently wrote an article on re-thinking success. She quotes a pastor sharing his experience: “I retired a year ago from one of several consecutive positions as associate or senior pastor.  I retired Read more about Am I successful?[…]

49. Have you moved into the second half of life?

How can you be productive and be seeing fruit from your life and yet not feel satisfied? How can you be full of achievements and successful and yet feel bored or unfulfilled? Have you been asking, “Isn’t there something more?” You have probably been seeing a lot of football lately with the World Cup taking place in Brazil. It’s a game that takes 90 minutes but is split into two halves of 45 minutes each Read more about 49. Have you moved into the second half of life?[…]

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