How do I develop resilience?

For the last year Rite and I have experienced difficulties on every ministry trip we have made, with challenges like fires, earthquakes, cyclones, missed connections, floods, and cars breaking down. Let me share one experience.  We had planned a trip to Canberra for a leadership development course.  We were waiting for our flight and the announcement was made that due to fires, the flight was cancelled.  I called our contact and said ‘sorry there’s no Read more about How do I develop resilience?[…]

33. Enjoying safe places & still times?

At the leadership centre, we are just about to run a 5-day retreat called “pathways to God”. There is so much to explore in our relationship with God and so many ways to relate with him. The following letter contains a couple of simple principles taken from Gordon Macdonald’s book “restoring your spiritual passion.”   Safe places: “There is a contemplative in all of us, almost strangled but still alive, who craves quiet enjoyment of Read more about 33. Enjoying safe places & still times?[…]

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