Have you experienced life changing sacred moments?

In September we moved to Canada after living and ministering in Europe for over forty years. The transition was the result of what I would call a sacred moment of asking Jesus about our future. My wife and I both had the same sense of a move to Canada that up until that time had not been on our horizon.  At that point our transition began. There followed a year of processing the move, filling Read more about Have you experienced life changing sacred moments?[…]

93. Been pruned lately?

I came home after a two month trip away to find that the large carob tree in our prayer garden had been massacred by our gardeners.  It looked so ugly with a pile of branches scattering the garden below.  The gardeners called It pruning and said that now the tree could become healthy again. What I did notice was that our view was back!  The tree had been growing higher and obscuring our view of Read more about 93. Been pruned lately?[…]

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