May 25, 2018


In Asia, there has been a wonderful development of leadership going on through the ALLC – Asia leaders learning community.   A group of elders got together some years ago to form the foundation of the ALLC and have since started the website for Equipping, connecting, and resourcing Asia’s leaders for growth and multiplication.

We would like to do something similar in Europe and other regions of the world in order to see the continual development of leadership.

This development takes place through advertising leadership training events, offering coaching, mentoring and training webinars of all kinds.

I think the greatest benefit is helping senior leaders/elders to connect with younger leaders and vice versa. We want to see the generations connecting and working together.

Watch this space as we develop this site and the online opportunities especially for emerging leaders.

The following video gives you an idea of what the ALLC offers and we in Europe want to see the community develop over this next year.

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