May 25, 2018


The European Leaders Learning Community is an online training and resourcing site especially for YWAM Europe.  It has been modelled after the ALLC – Asian leaders learning community.

A group of elders from Europe have been working together to form the ELLC and it will be launched this summer 2020 with categories of  Connecting, Equipping, and Resourcing.

You can connect with leaders and receive coaching, mentoring or debriefing and meet leaders online in our leadership lounge.

Each month we will have a leadership theme with YWAM Ted talks from leaders around Europe, articles written and opportunities of meeting in a drop in discussion.

We will also be advertising leadership training events, upcoming conferences and events and sharing leadership development links and a list of teachers and their topics for schools around Europe.

We are especially wanting to connect emerging leaders who may not be connected to a larger bases and have no direct contact with other leaders.

The following video gives you an idea of what the ALLC offers and ELLC will be very similar.

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