51. How do you handle change?

What is change? Research has shown that organisations undergo major change about once every three years, and that within that cycle of major change is an almost constant swirl of minor change. Major change in an organisation can include things like new leadership, re-structuring or implementing a whole new focus and vision, while minor change Read more about 51. How do you handle change?[…]

06. Are your 10 years up?

Is there something special about 10 years? As a general rule, I think so. It seems like a decade is a good time to focus on something, a good time to give your best and a good time to evaluate. Just look at the last five decades in history. It seems from a brief look Read more about 06. Are your 10 years up?[…]

02. Know Your Season

Since I have been living in Spain, knowing the summer season is an easy task. The summer has temperatures of 35-40 degrees with zero precipitation during the months of June, July and August. In comparison, when I was living in Scotland I couldn’t distinguish the summer season by whether there was rain or not – Read more about 02. Know Your Season[…]

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