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78. What's on God's agenda for you this year?
77. What leadership lessons have you learned?
76. Do you live in vulnerability?
75. Having fun yet?
74. Time to journal?
73. Are you leading a tribe?
72. How do you connect?
71. Are you trusted?
70. Listening with both ears?
69. Enjoying silence?

68. How attractive are you as a leader?

67. Had a God encounter lately?

67. Personal time with God templates.

66. Making the most of your meals?

65. Are you aware of your shadow mission?

64. Does your passion need restoring?
63. How's your dialogue in teaching?
62. How is your pain threshold?
61. Do you feel dispensable?
60. What is real?
59. Is your personality showing?
58. Do you eat last?
57. In his presence?
56. Are you in danger of mission drift?
55. Stepping up with coaching?
54. Making time to evaluate and dream?
53. Do you share leadership?
52. How's your culture developing?

51. How do you handle change?

50. Are you a generational thinking leader?
49. Have you moved into the second half of life?
48. Had a spiritual feast lately?
47. Is status an issue?
46. Are you a 360 degree leader?
45. How's your parenting?
44. Creating an environment

43. Love Tips
42. What are your priorities?
41. Planing to finish well
40. Can you forget yourself?

39. Is my leadership in danger?
38. Are you living in a culture of honour?
37. Is your life in balance?
36. Are you sitting comfortably?
35. What's your signature sin?
34. What's your pathway to God?
33. Enjoying safe places and still times?
32. Do you have keys for the city?
31. Are you a dreamer?
30. Had a debrief lately?
29. How is your generosity flowing?
28. What's your ministry philosophy?
27. What's your leadership anointing?

26. Passing on the baton?
25. Where do we go from here - elders?

24. How intelligent are you?
23. Are you failing successfully?
22. What kind of team?
21. Time to meditate?
20. Are you in control?
19. How healthy is your lifestyle?
18. What are you learning?
17. Working together?
16. In transit?
15. What's your passion?
14. How is your community living?
13. Are you teachable?
12. Time for a check up?
11. What's your capacity?
10. Are you self aware?
9. Learned lessons in pioneering?
8. Do you have a rhythm?
7. Do you need a sabbatical?
6. Are your 10 years up?
5. How do we learn and therefore how should we teach?
4. Entertaining angels?
3. Time for a team check up?
2. Know your season?
1. Living by your values?

The LDC course has training manuals that go along with the teaching but the desire has been to create some booklets that don't require the seminar. The following books/booklets are for sale and others will follow as time allows for writing. Each booklet costs €5 plus postage & packing or 10 euros for them all in digital format.

1. Leading from the inside out – a book on self leadership, understanding my relationships, my work and my priorities. By Stephen Mayers

2. A 40 day leadership development course devotional – a study of the basic topics of the LDC through the book of Philippians. By Stephen Mayers

3. Resources for Small Groups and Team Building – easy exercises for developing discussion, encouraging spiritual growth and interactive team times. By Stephen Mayers and Barry Austin

4. Creative leadership - a booklet to encourage everyone into their creativity in every aspect of leadership.

You can send payment by PayPal with my email: