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Training workshop for pioneering preschools. No workshop planned for 2018
This year with a focus on ministry into refugee camps.

Educators agree that a child forms his basic attitudes and habits between 0 and 5 years old. The foundation for a child's future: social, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual growth is built during early childhood. For this reason we have a passion for developing preschools worldwide and investing in this young generation. We desire to see these children receiving the Father's love, understanding their value and knowing that they have a future and a hope. Our prayer is that when we influence boys and girls we will influence nations.

Rite Mayers and her preschool resource team, travelled for 10 years training teachers and many passionate individuals, for pioneering ministry in early childhood education. The 'preschool in a suitcase' was a God thought during a time of prayer, focused on the most vulnerable and neglected children in our world.

Who is this 'Preschool in a suitcase' workshop for?

This workshop is for training teachers in the principles of "preschool in a suitcase" to enable them to go to locations with this training. But it is also for those who would like to set up a preschool themselves and come to this workshop for building their confidence and providing support.

During this one-week workshop, you will gain the following:

· Principles, tools & materials for training teachers and workers in pioneer situations
· Confidence to pioneer a preschool
· Training in the four areas of the teacher, the child, the environment and the curriculum
· The opportunity to network with others in this field of early childhood education
· Copies of the teacher training manual and a shortened version of the YWAM biblical curriculum manual of 42 weeks.

The training will be interactive, sensorial and full of creative approaches to enhance the learning environment and provide a model for your future workshops.

There will be a teachers training workshop in Malaga each year and multiplying workshops out on the field that you can join to help pass on the training and see preschools being multiplied.

Email for more details.

Workshops on the field will be taking place in the following locations:
Cambodia Nov 2017; Email: for more info.

Click here to download Teacher training handbook

Click here to download the Biblical curriculum

Click here to download Teacher training handbook in Spanish

Click here to download specific weeks of biblical curriculum in Spanish