LDC - Meet International Leaders


The LDC International Core team:
In order to oversee the development of the leadership development course worldwide, a core team of leaders has been functioning over some years now. Different members of the core team are responsible for the development in different regions of the world. Barry Austin is responsible for Asia, Garry Tissingh for Africa, Gary McKinney for S. America, Joshua Tsannami for India, Vijay Koirala for Nepal and Stephe Mayers for Europe and overseeing the international development. There are a number of other key leaders who have worked with LDC's for many years.
Stephe & Rite
Stephe & Rite joined YWAM in 1977. Stephe is English and married to Rite from Canada. He was national leader for Scotland for 14 years and then western european regional leader until 2010. He is now the convenor for YWAM Europe. He started the first LDC with Barry in 1994. They now live in Malaga, Spain where they run a leadership retreat centre. Rite travels internationally with her 'Preschool in a suitcase' ministry, seeking to multiply biblically based preschools.
Garry & Anke, after having served into Africa for more than 30 years, are passionate about seeing the continent transformed. They serve in leadership of the field. The key domain that impacts that change will happen is by having leaders equipped to facilitate that change. As the leaders are so the continent will be. So investing and empowering leaders at all levels to be implementers of transformation is a vital element. A challenge we enjoy sharing is 'be the change that you want to see'
Barry is from New Zealand and married to Kay.  He launched the DTS in New Zealand and Europe.  He has been training leaders in the UK for more than 35 years.  Since starting the LDC with Stephe he has pioneered many LDC’s in Asia and the Pacific regions.
Kay is from New Zealand and married to Barry.  They have two grown daughters.  For a number of years Kay was the manager of a family centre in Britain helping needy families.  She has also served on leadership teams in YWAM.  She now works closely with Barry on LDC’s.
Gary & Deanna are originally from upstate New York (USA) but based in Spain for most of their ministry, He was national leader for Spain for a number of years. Currently he works with leadership development with a primary emphasis on healing the hurting and strengthening families. He has been pioneering LDC's into the spanish world.

Rob and Heather are Australian and Scottish respectively. Most of Heather's YWAM experience has been in Relief and Development Training, debriefing and running medical mission courses. She is now focussing on debriefing within YWAM. Rob has worked with YWAM England and Australia since 1979. He is involved in staff training and leadership development, and his focus is on releasing the next generation of leaders. Heather and Rob married in late 2008. Rob has 4 adult children.

Paul and Penny

Paul & Penny currently serves as the northern regional director for YWAM Thailand and serves on the national leadership team for YWAM Thailand.  Paul has also been involved in pioneering a new YWAM Asia initiative called the Asian Leadership Learning Community whose primary focus is on serving the merging leaders working in the 3 YWAM Asian regions of East Asia, IndoChina & the Philippines, and South East Asia. They have 4 adult children (2 of whom are married!) and 2 great granddaughters.

Barbara is Scottish, but has spent the past three decades living and working in different parts of Europe and Africa, where she has served mainly in areas relating to youth ministry and leadership development. As well as working with LDCs, Barbara is involved internationally with training courses that develop leaders for ministry to young people and families. Currently she is based in Malaga with the leadership retreat centre.

Elaine Seah is Singaporean.  Before YWAM, she worked 15 years in the Singaporean military and another 7 years in the field of logistics.  She joined YWAM in 2000 and served in Australia and later in Bali, Indonesia.  She continues to serve on the eldership in YWAM Indonesia and mentors leaders in Asia and the pacific regions.  Her desire is to see leaders think strategically and to lead for the long race. She enjoys doing her coaching and mentoring over meals.  She currently serves in LDCs in the South East Asia and Pacific regions.

Joshua is a third generation Japanese-Brazilian, born in Sao Paulo and married to Izabel. He joined YWAM in Brazil, in 1992. He has been Regional Director for YWAM in West & Central India for some years. He has three children. He leads LDC in South Asia in English, Nepali and Hindi.
Sue is English and before YWAM worked in social work and church youth work in Devon. She began YWAM life in Amsterdam, in the late 80's and from there went to Liberia, West Africa, where she co- pioneered a YWAM ministry during the heat of the civil war. She has staffed, led, and mentored leaders in DTS, and now more in leadership development.

Vijay is from Nepal and has been involved with leadership training in both Nepal and India for many years.  He helped launch the first LDC in India.  With his wife, Minsun, he also launched the LDC’s in the Hindi and Nepali languages. Vijah is a regional leader in India.