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Leadership Development Week - how about having your own week as a team and book in a retreat.

A TASTER of LDC for those who haven't attended the 6 week course and a REFRESHER for those who have!

Take a Retreat: we all lead busy lives and this week gives an opportunity to reflect on your last season of leadership, learn the lessons and move into your next phase with fresh vitality.
We so often are thrust into leadership roles without any or enough training. This week will give you an overview of what it takes to develop as a leader yourself and develop others. You will also have opportunity to dialogue with others about your questions, concerns and challenges.
Receive some Training: There will be something for everyone including: personal development, vision and strategic direction, team dynamics, building authentic relationships and developing your spiritual leadership. This teaching will be shared in a workshop style with lots of creative interaction and practical application. The framework for the week also involves focused prayer, worship and mentoring

Location: Villa Rehoboth, Leadership Retreat Centre, with beautiful views out to the sea, in Malaga, Spain. Fly into Malaga airport – we are just 20 minutes away.

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