May 25, 2018

LDC International dates and locations




LDC Central Europe 2 week LDSeminars in Africa LDC South Asia
Cluj, Romania Contact: Garry Bangladesh
7 July – 17 August 2019 English/Bengali speaking
English/Romanian 11 Feb-23 Mar 2018
Contact: Heidi Contact: Joshua LDC West Africa
14 Oct – 24 Nov 2018
LDC Eastern Europe Senegal LDC South Asia
Turnopil, Ukraine Contact: Garry Nepal
8 July – 18 August 2018 Nepali only
Contact Sasha: Date to be confirmed
Contact: Vijah & Minsun
LDC Scotland
Watch this space for the next course
Contact: Rob LDC S.E. Asia Watch this space
Contact: Sam Sarvis
LDC for Iberia-American nations

NZ & Pacific
Madrid, Spain
Watch this space for the next course LDC N.Z. & Pacific LDC East Asia
Spanish/English 2019 Feb 10 – Mar 22 Watch this space
Contact: Gary McKinney Families welcome 2018 Contact: Kevin Contact: SokGon

Middle East

Latin America

North America

LDC M.E. LDC/EDL Mexico ACT 2018 California
Watch this space Juarez, Mexico 2019 Feb/March
Contact: Rod Junio 18 a julio 27/ June 18-July 27 Contact: Peter Illyn Contact/contacto: Mary Beth Maifeld
LDC Northern Cone
Lima, Peru
Oct 14 – Nov 24, 2018
Spanish language
Contact: Clark Barnard


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