74. Time to journal?

For the past decade, doctors and psychologists have been taking notice of the health benefits of reflective writing. They note that wrestling with words to put your deepest thoughts into writing can lift your mind from depression, uncover wisdom within your experiences, provide insight and foster self-awareness. Similarly, a recent news article discussed the benefits Read more about 74. Time to journal?[…]

52. Developing a value-driven culture?

The second law of thermodynamics states that everything swerves to rot or put more nicely, tends towards decline. Mission drift is that law lived out in an organisation. Mission drift is inevitable if we are not intentional about maintaining two things: keeping a clear focus of our vision and purpose, and communicating and continually living Read more about 52. Developing a value-driven culture?[…]

24. how intelligent are you?

When I grew up, eons ago, there seemed to be only one form of intelligence that was important and that was getting good marks on my reading, writing, and arithmetic! Since then, of course, our understanding of intelligence has grown. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences was shared in the first edition of his book Read more about 24. how intelligent are you?[…]

23. Are you failing successfully?

When we read scripture, we discover people, who despite their failures, were great men and women of God. For instance, Abraham lied about his wife and almost lost her to the Pharaoh of Egypt. Isaac followed his father’s example and did exactly the same thing. Jacob deceived his brother out of his birthright, and his Read more about 23. Are you failing successfully?[…]

19. How healthy is your lifestyle?

How are you? Our general answer is “fine”. But are we really? And when we say “fine”, which aspect of our life are we talking about? The world health organisation defined health in its broader sense in 1946 as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease Read more about 19. How healthy is your lifestyle?[…]

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