91. What quotes impact you as a leader?

The above picture is the amphitheatre in ancient Ephesus. Leaders throughout the ages have shared good principles that have developed from their experience that we would do well to take note of and remember.  Here are a few quotes that have the power to impact our lives. Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. Read more about 91. What quotes impact you as a leader?[…]

72. How do you connect?

A year ago I wrote a letter on the importance of dialogue in our teaching and training.  I would like to focus in this letter a little more on the elements that enable us to connect with our audience.  TED talks have become very popular over the last few years with millions giving their time Read more about 72. How do you connect?[…]

63. How’s your dialogue in teaching?

The power of dialogue in educating adults: A principle is the beginning of an action. And an action that is done regularly becomes something we believe and develops into a value. It is values that we make happen. These issues are worth something to us. If teaching is just something we do that needs to Read more about 63. How’s your dialogue in teaching?[…]

09. Learning Lessons in pioneering?

As a boy I loved to go exploring. I lived in north London, bordering on the edge of Epping Forest and my joy was to ride my bike or take my dog for a walk in the woods. Along with my friends I made all kinds of forts and played hide and seek and thoroughly Read more about 09. Learning Lessons in pioneering?[…]

05. How do we learn and therefore how should we teach?

John Dewey, the American philosopher who died in 1952, objected to the idea that education was simply the transmission of past knowledge (usually facts and figures) to the present generation. He also objected to how knowledge was transmitted only through lectures and reading. It’s amazing how little we have changed in our educational approach in Read more about 05. How do we learn and therefore how should we teach?[…]

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