40. Can you forget yourself?

I was recently challenged in my thinking by a little book by Timothy Keller called the freedom of self forgetfulness. I will summarise some of the content for you in the following letter. The traditional thinking for centuries has been that the main problem in our world is hubris, Greek for pride, and that people Read more about 40. Can you forget yourself?[…]

39. Is my leadership in danger?

“Jesus called them together and said, you know that those who are regarded as rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them.” Mark 10:42 I read a little book by Lord David Owen a while back called “The hubris syndrome.” He was a Politician in Britain for Read more about 39. Is my leadership in danger?[…]

36. Are you sitting comfortably?

Israel was plateaued spiritually between the old and new Testaments. There were no prophets and not much really happening. Then John the Baptist emerged from the wilderness to stir things up. You couldn’t stay where you were on the plateau – you either were challenged to repent and be baptised by John or reacted against Read more about 36. Are you sitting comfortably?[…]

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