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BLT – Base leaders training week - we are encouraging leadership teams to come for their own retreats

The role of base leaders and national leaders within our mission is so important. And yet, many of you will have taken on the task of pioneering a new base, joined a leadership team or taken over the leadership of a well established ministry with little or no preparation for the unique challenges you will face. Others of you know that you really need a time of learning and refreshing to fulfill your role effectively.

We have a mature and experienced leadership team including Lynn Green, former international chairman, Stephe Mayers, Chairman for YWAM Europe and Barbara Connor, international KKI training leader. Together they have developed a week-long seminar designed to address the questions and challenges faced by those involved in base and national leadership, and to help you develop your leadership skills with lectures, discussion and prayer ministry for your personal needs.

This event has proven to be a huge benefit to those who have attended. We consistently get the best feedback we have had for any leadership event! We would ask you to prayerfully consider coming to our next BLT (Base Leadership Training) in Malaga, Spain.

Curriculum: Following are some of the key areas we cover during this training week. These aspects of leadership are developed to focus on the issues that affect you the most in your base leadership role:
• Apostolic leadership / vision development: what Apostolic leadership is and how to move in new ways and to release those around you
• Operational leadership - systems & organizational development: communications, finances, structures and systems : how practically to run a base or national work on godly principles
• Relational leadership - mentoring, team development and maintaining morale: team leadership and how it works; hospitality (more than a department!); dealing with discipline;
• Spiritual leadership - spiritual development: incorporating spiritual development into all areas of base life

Seminar style: The Base and National Leaders Training seminar is very interactive with lots of time for discussion to process the teaching. There will also be times for coaching, sharing and praying for one another in a group, or one-to-one. The schedule will also include worship, intercession and ministry times for modeling team leadership. It is a valuable time for individual leaders, but we also strongly encourage the participation of entire leadership teams!
Participating leaders have found the seminar to be a great help. Here is what some of them have to say about it :

I got specific answers. I learned more about the DNA of the mission. I could spend time with others who are having the same challenges and opportunities. It gave me the chance to learn from senior leaders. I could ask all my questions and get some answers or some values and principles for how to move forward with some hard issues.'

'It deeply impacted me in a time of need for encouragement and spiritual impartation and leadership foundational values modeled and experience gained and shared. YWAM DNA explained and communicated both verbally and heart to heart.'

'Provides a great foundation for those coming into base leadership and a great refreshment for those who have been serving as a base leader. Having the opportunity to spend time with and learn from leaders with such wisdom and experience is priceless. Hearing the stories and having space to ask questions is excellent. I really appreciated the relational aspect to this week.'

If you think your leadership would benefit from this kind of input, please click the enquiry button or if you want to apply right now click the apply button. We expect a good representation of base and national leaders coming from around the world, and want to make sure you have the opportunity to participate. We look forward to hearing from you.